Calendar Dates


January 10th – 20th
Decision America Florida Tour with Franklin Graham

January 26th
The Core Church, Los Angeles, CA

February 2nd
Calvary Chapel Hanford

February 14th – 15th  
EV Free Green Valley Men’s Conference, Tucson, AZ

February 16th
AM: The Grove, Chandler, AZ

PM: EV Free Green Valley, Tucson, AZ

February 20th – 23rd 
BGEA Saipan / Guam Festival of Hope

March 1st
Florence Avenue Foursquare Baptist Church, Sante Fe Springs, CA

March 13th – P.M.
Baker Baptist Church Meridian, ID

March 15th – A.M.
Restore Community Church Eagle, ID

March 26th – 29th
Operation Heal Our Patriots Reunion, Orlando, FL

April 9th – 20th
Easter Celebration Tour Alaska

May 1st – 17th
Decision America Franklin Graham

May 27th – June 21st
Franklin Graham UK Tour

August 1st – 15th
Decision America Franklin Graham

August 20th – 24th
Regional Conference Hawaii with Bill Stonebreaker

October 1st – 12th
BGEA Festival Seoul Korea